Just a thought

Just a thought

Life can be like swallowing a hard pill sometimes, on a daily basis we’re consumed with fears, insecurities, drained by everyday life and the stresses that come with it, why? Because we choose to live this way! We choose to be controlled in such a manner it’s only when some people reach their death bed they realize they’ve spent their life in the shadows. Some people live a life untouched by all of this yet could be living next door carrying the same weight even more, how? They carry a different perspective of life, they focus on all the positive aspects, the here and now, being happy with what they have, some of d happiest people live in the poorest of countries just grateful for the gift of life itself, while on the other hand some miserable people dwell on the material side of things because you can never buy happiness, for awhile maybe but you’ll soon run out of things to buy, then others dwell on the negative side of things only seeing the dark side of life, bringing me 2 magnetism!

I was messing around with a few magnets and a bit of coil one day, seeing how sound works, ha to be honest didn’t work to well for me, first attempt of a homemade speaker was a failure, but learning how the process works led me to how electricity works, its the same process as sound except the magnet has to be moving inside the coil of wire, simple enough stuff, i just watched a few videos on youtube got a rundown before i started to experiment. Anyways i learned how sound and electricity moves, it flows in a wave pattern, and that same wave we all flow too, near enough ┬áto electricity, in fact we are just energy close up and like magnets or electro magnetism since our bodies are full of iron we work the same way, and our thoughts seem to control polarity.

But who controls our thoughts? Life? Education? Government? Fluoride in the water? No we do! And it’s not till you step out of line you wont see it. Growing up i’ve always learned new things said i’m going to try this and that, ha dreamer my family would call me, but the majority of people outside would call me crazy, how can you do all them things at once, you have to be born with them skills, you should stick at one thing at a time. I could go on all day, ha i went through plenty of dreams growing up, but can you see my point step out of line everyone sees it as impossible, nothings impossible, people spend an average of 4-5 hours a day on their phones another few hours in front of a screen, posting on facebook they’ve nothing to do, not realizing the biggest free education tool is in their hands or in front of their faces, we dwell off negativity posting it on facebook for attention instead of getting off our ass’s and acting. Put down the phone and pick up a hobby, will an hour a week kill you away from your phone? Haha most cases yes! Id say most people have something in their heart they want to do and don’t act on it probably a few reasons behind it, it’s these that can drain you, i read a story about a dying man, his wife was going to help him die, good job, the works all his life just took ill, five years into the illness, the last two bedridden, the wife asks him what do you want to do before you die,’make a music album’ that was his dream, ok the wife says and they start working on the album, got musicians in and the chap just takes a full recovery! The paper had pictures of his wife holding up signs like ‘believe’ ‘love’ in piccadilly i think, it was a couple years ago. Anyways the story shows how much it can affect your health, the man had a good education, good job and that 1 thing brought him back to life. Simple as it may seem that 1 thing you put off in life could cost you your life at the end.



July 25th, 2014

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