Mitchellangelo Magic
Energy healing ‘the art of letting go’
Enter a shamanic state & journey through the world
of the subconscious
Learn about cosmic timing & how to heal using it
See how past present & future happen simutaneously
Unlock your DNA & Full Potential
The path to enlightenment

Mitchellangelo (Gary Mitchell) Reiki Master,
Magnified Healer, Dj, Artist, Musician
Based in Finglas, Dublin,
Gary uses Universal Energy to connect you back to
your roots with the majority of his clients entering a
Shamanic state where they enter the world of the
In the subconscious, dreamstate or soul form the clients
may encounter suppressed memories to be released, obe’s,
sacred geometry, past/future lives, communicating with
people past, Angels, Guides, God, Mythological beings
such as dragons & unicorns, Enchanted lands, Time Travel,
Dream symbolism etc.
When you connect back to your soul, the vibrations come
back into the physical body helping to remove blockages
that can cause imbalances & ill health. The deeper you
go the deeper you heal yourself.
Learn about your different dream bodies, cosmic timing &
how they rotate with the universe above & how to activate
them. Learn how to let go.

Mitchellangelo Magic – 33 Slaney road,Glasnevin ind est
click the facebook link on the end of homepage for more

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