The breath, the very core to our survival is the key element to connect back to your source. Breathing techniques like Wim Hoffs now scientifically proven can heal all problems from the body. In meditation the core is around your sacral, deep breaths to here will connect you to your spiritual chakras, learn to use your breath to let go. Meditations like the hara line are pretty effective for the journeying and keeping overall balance, keeping your connection strong to source. eg of a hara meditation would be to sit up straight on a chair or lotus position, take a few deep breaths to center yourself & relax
Now focus on the core of your stomach to activate your tan dien, use a count where you breath, hold for a few seconds & release, with your hold breath hold it on your sacral and get it to pulsate, keep doing this till you feel its activated.
Now with your mind connect this center with the center of the earth, feel the energy work its way down your legs into your earth star below your feet, working its way down through the earth to the diamond at the center.
Bring the vibrating energies of the earth back up through your sacral connecting to your heart allowing the energy to clear its way here.
When done with the heart bring the energy up to the center of your head, feel it light up as the energy connects up through it working its way out the crown to your soul star about a foot over the head.
Feel the healing energies of the cosmos now rush down your hara line now and bring them back to your heart, where you now breath with the heart of the earth & the heart of the cosmos.


March 11th, 2019

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